Not just another centre irrigation pivot

Centre Pivot Irrigation have been around for very many years and is a cornerstone of modern farming irrigation technology. 

You may ask yourself if all pivots are created equal, and if you have seen one you have seen them all, right?

Fortunately not!

Pivot Irrigation

IrriRain mini irrigation pivots represent a real advance in agricultural irrigation because they are built with real farming conditions in mind.

Why invest in an IrriRain pivot?

IrrRain mini pivots improve on the design faults and operational issues of existing pivots. IrriRain centre pivots are also cheaper, reducing the cost per hectare for smaller areas.

A True Solar Pivot

An IrriRain pivot is a true solar driven pivot which can also run on Eskom power. It can be powered in daylight only with no battery, or day and night with a Lithium battery. This is therefore a real self-driven pivot, making solar irrigation possible.

Easy Pivot Installation

All trusses and truss rods are one length making installation easy. Being light weight for transport and the longest pipe being 3 metres – the complete pivot can be loaded onto your bakkie. This gives you all the ease and flexibility you need for your intensive farming activities.

Better Pivot Stability

The longer wheel base, wider, heavy duty tyres for softer soils and better traction and 3 point cable support on overhang making the pivot more stable in windy conditions.

Longer Pivot Life 

The pivot motor does not stop and start like other pivots, but is controlled by variable speed drive so there is no jerking of the pivot meaning the motor will last longer. This also improves even water distribution due to constant rotation speed.

In addition there is no gearbox on the wheels, because the driving mechanism uses a sprocket and chain. The motor only uses 60W power supply.

Less Maintenance & Less Corrosion

Plastic water pipes reduce wear and tear caused by aggressive water containing fine sand, silt water and chemicals. Because no water flows through the actual galvanised pivot structure, you are guaranteed an extended pivot lifespan and lower cost of ownership.

Higher Productivity

A single tower is located inside the maximum irrigation radius of 89 metres, but the control box is located outside the pivot irrigation circle meaning more productive land and no road maintenance. You get the full benefit of 2,5 hectares under irrigation.

Low Pressure Pivot

IrriRain mini pivots use low pressure sprinklers, reducing the pumping cost and evaporation. This means 1 bar working pressure at centre. One size nozzle in all sprinklers eliminates incorrect nozzle placement and improves water distribution meaning higher irrigation efficiency.

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